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   March 2017   

03/23/17: Well so far so good. The new firmware seems to have corrected the issue with the router. The defective Tripp Lite UPS has been replaced with an APC 1500 Smart UPS and is being managed by our domain controller server. Our network configuration is a dual WAN Router. We used to have it set up in backup mode using our Comcast 150 Mbps line as the primary WAN and AT&T’s lower tier DSL as failover which by itself would not support the station. We changed to AT&T Uverse 48 Mbps and set the router to load balancing mode which should help minimize outages.


Seems like we are the only ones using the request line these days. Not sure why this is. If you are scared off by having to put in a name and location on the request form please don’t be. You can put whatever you wish in those fields, like “me”, “At Office” Those fields are for a feature we are not yet using. This feature will match the name left with an audio file corresponding to that name so what you would hear is something like “Here is a request from Bob in Florida”. But as you can imagine, having to record a request intro for every name and location possible is almost an impossible task that we have not chosen to tackle yet.


Total donations to date: $110

   February 2017   

02/23/17: It comes in clusters I guess. The dual WAN router locked up again and had to be rebooted which brought the station down for a few minutes. Speculation is the UPS failure caused corruption in the router’s software. I upgraded the firmware to see if that will fix it. If it continues to happen I will have to replace it. The reason for that is fixing it means resetting it to factory defaults and reprogramming it to our needs. Doing that would mean bringing the station down for an extended period of time which I am not comfortable with. Buying a new one and programming it completely offline means only a couple minutes down time to switch out routers. Then the old one can be redone and held in reserve for the next time a problem arises. The day before that I brought the whole system down to install the UPS bypass switches and do some software updates. After being able to bypass the affected UPS I changed out the supposed bad batteries just to learn it is not the 3 year old batteries causing the problem, the Tripp Lite UPS itself is bad just 4 months out of warranty. The UPS is falsely reporting the battery voltage about 3 volts lower than actual readings, Incoming AC voltage 11 volts lower that actual and outgoing AC voltage 60 volts higher than actual. I am replacing it with an APC this time.

I found a solution to monitoring and reporting loss of internet. A free internet based service offering 50 monitors checked at 5 minute intervals and email notification sent to my cell phone when any IP, URL, or Port I set up is not reachable. Works great! It is called Up Time Robot.


Total donations to date: $110

02/20/17: For the second time this month, which is highly unusual, the station was down for an extended period of time today. DJ Ladyhawk came home from work about 8pm and told me she couldn’t get the station at work that day and assumed that her IT Dept had blocked it. But after I looked into it the router had locked up about at about 2am. Again without Internet connectivity no alert emails could be sent. So now I am searching for a way to get my monitoring system to be able to make an outbound call on the land line when Internet Communications are down. Again send me an email if you know of such a program. I listened all day via FM so I didn’t notice a thing.


The Tripp Lite UPS Software is being a pain in the ass. I have two identical UPS in two different locations so monitored locally by two different computers. The PowerAlert Agent on one locks up every 3 or 4 hours and every 2 or 3 days on the other. Unplugging and reconnecting the USB cable usually fixes it but damn what a pain in the ass. Stupid crap is supposed to just work. So much for being able to monitor the UPS. Guess I will have to spend some time with their tech support people. I hate when they go through their play book. “Did you try rebooting your computer, did you try power cycling your UPS, did you try…” & on & on. Yes I did that’s why I am calling you dummy! =) Wish me luck.

02/16/17: If you were listening yesterday you noticed that the station went off the air at about 2pm EST. I apologize for that. Normally I get an alert any time something is having trouble here but when the UPS supporting the network (Modems, Routers, Switches) fails there is no way to send the alert. I was out of the studio and when I returned later that afternoon I knew something was wrong when my Smartphone did not automatically connect to the WAN. The cause was one of the batteries in the UPS had suddenly failed during a 20 second brownout. One of those failures where even a self test on the UPS causes a failure without an alert being sent, the UPS simply turns off and stays off even when line power is restored. When the Smart1500LCDT UPS is restarted it says the battery is fine and has an hour’s worth of run time available. The battery shows full voltage till a load is put on it then it goes to zero in a nanosecond when a load is applied. I looked into redundant parallel UPS systems, yah right, tens of thousands of dollars and start in the 10KW range. I looked for hacks online to parallel two small UPS but no such luck. If anyone knows of a way to do that send me an email. Then when I got the power back up, I am still waiting for replacement batteries, I had all sorts of other problems. Routers didn’t want to cooperate, RAID Arrays were degraded, Check disk found hard drive errors, station computer didn’t want to start… Very frustrating! So I put UPS Management software on my domain controller to monitor all my UPS with the addition of a battery age past 3 years alert so I can replace them hopefully before they go bad. I also ordered UPS Bypass Switches so I can take a UPS offline without turning off the equipment it serves. Those things are expensive too!

   January 2017   

01/20/17: DJ Ladyhawk’s Mother has not bounced back from her cancer surgery the way we had hoped and has become fully dependant on others for every aspect of life. After our caring for her in our home for the last 11 years is has become necessary to move her to a facility where professionals can give her the 24/7 care she now needs. I always know when Sail by Awolnation is playing because she turns up her clock radio every time it plays, it is her favorite song. It will be strangely quite here after she leaves.

Total donations to date: $110

01/01/17: Another year has started and we hope everyone has a wonderful time throughout 2017!


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